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What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Do you see your beauty? Your scars? All those little “imperfections”. Do you see your smile? The twinkle in your eye when you’re genuinely happy?  Take an honest look. Look at yourself and tell yourself what you see. Do positive or negative thoughts come up? Always try to remind yourself of your strengths and the things that make you smile. Life isn’t easy and your thoughts of yourself and other things can be crippling. Ask yourself “what are two attributes I love about myself?” If nothing comes to your head, that’s okay - try repeating these words to yourself: I love my ability to transform my thoughts. I am amazing at my job. I create a life I enjoy living....

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Thanks to You - it's Year Two!

A year ago this time I was sitting in my car after leaving work - contemplating SiS’s launch. I sat there for a few minutes (more like 30) questioning if it was the right time; if people would love it or hate it; if it would fail… Normal questions and normal fears, but fear can be so gripping, almost paralyzing and in order to break that I had to just jump! So, I took a deep breath and pressed share on IG to let the world know. This year is a success because of you. If you’ve ever purchased from SiS; listened to me cry; left a review; shared a post or just said a prayer/sent good energy this way...

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